21 Questions To Get To Know Me

Hello! My name is Jade, welcome to my blog – The Pretty Post. This is my first lifestyle post and I thought it would great to start with a few questions so you can get to know more about me!

  1. Where did you grow up?

I was born in sunny South Africa. I had a lovely childhood and a great group of friends. I moved to the US as an au pair in 2016 and I have lived here ever since.

2. Where do you currently live?

I live in Northern California, I moved here in 2016 so going on 4 years! I live with my amazing husband, Daniel (who takes all my instagram pics I might add) and my sweet pups, Indigo and Buddy.

3. What year were you born?

1992, I am 27 years old!

4. What are your life goals?

I have many life goals. My main goal in life is to be a mother, Daniel and I talk about being parents all the time! I’m also in the works of becoming a school readiness teacher. I am currently volunteering at a preschool and should start teaching in the next few months. I would also love to grow my blog. I plan on putting a lot of effort into it this year and going forward. I love clothes, make up, fitness, travel and home decor. Sharing my ideas online is such a fun creative outlet for me and I hope to inspire you through my writing and ideas.

5. Do you speak any languages and how well?

I took Afrikaans in school and Spanish in college, but both definitely need some work! I am currently learning Hungarian. Daniel and his family can speak it fluently and I would really love to understand the language.

6. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Cute and simple. I love to dress up but I need to feel comfortable! I buy basic pieces that can be worn with each other in order to create new outfits. My go-to during winter is jeans and during summer, shorts, skirts and dresses. 

7. What is your go-to hairstyle?

I love my natural curly hair or if I have a few minutes to get ready, a quick blow-dry always makes me feel put together.

8. How many siblings do you have?

I have a sister, Jasmine and a brother, Liam.

9. Your most memorable vacation memory?

I have 3! They are all with Daniel. In 2018, he flew to South Africa to visit me and we explored Cape Town together for a week. It was amazing! We followed that with a trip to Rome and our honeymoon was in Hawaii! Honestly the best weeks of my life.

10.  What are your morning, evening routines?

I can write a whole blog post about this!(and I will) In the morning I love to take it slow, I start my day by journaling and drinking coffee(decaf). I take the dogs out for a 20 minute walk every morning and afternoon. In the evening, I cook dinner most nights and Daniel and I enjoy watching Chopped on TV.

11.  What is the craziest thing you have done?

I went shark-cage diving in Cape Town with Daniel. It was thrilling, something I would never have done if he didn’t convince me to do so!

12. Do you have any pets? 

Yes, two puppies! Indigo and Buddy, they are terrier cross poodle mix. They’re 11 months old and bring us so much joy!

13. What do you do in your free time?

I do so much in my free time, that I end up not having enough time in the day! I love blogging, learning Hungarian, studying courses online – right now I am studying CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I love to read, I’m currently reading The Woman In The Window. I enjoy exercising, I attended OrangeTheory everyday before the lockdown but recently I have been running on our treadmill, I aim for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

14. Have you ever failed at anything and what did you learn?

It wasn’t failure but more a mistake and I took away that you are not your past mistakes and everyday is a fresh start to learn and grow.

15. What are you happiest with in your life?

I am happy with my own little family. I always knew I would get married but I never knew how it would make me feel. We have such a happy home ❤

16. What are your pet peeves?

When someone leaves the dishes and sponge in the sink instead of on the side! (facepalm)

17.  What are your favorite values in friends?

Friends that genuinely want the best for you and when you can just enjoy each others company, even if it’s a trip to Target 🙂

18. How many countries have you traveled to?

4 – South Africa, USA, Italy, Hungary

19. What is your favorite genre of film?

Thrillers, Rom-com and comedies! They are all my fav, it depends what mood I am in. Lately I love a good laugh.

19. How tall are you?


20. Are you in/have you gone to college?

Yes, I am currently studying Child Development. I attended university in South Africa and I have a Bcom. degree.

21. Funniest moment throughout high school?

Definitely my best friend and I just laughing until we had tears running down our faces. This happened way too often!

Thanks for reading! I hope that this post helped you get to know me a bit better. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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